Is Your Furnace Making Rattling Noises?

Schedule furnace repairs in Stanford, Harlowton, MT, and Fergus County

If you're having trouble with your furnace, it may be time to schedule repairs. Depending on the age of your unit, it could also be time for a full replacement. Luckily, Lewistown Sprayfoam & Insulation provides furnace installation and repairs to clients in Stanford, Harlowton, MT, and Fergus County. We work on standard furnace types, including gas, hot water, wood and oil burners.

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3 signs you need furnace repairs

3 signs you need furnace repairs

Since you likely don't think about your furnace year-round, you may forget to make sure it's getting proper maintenance. You may need furnace repairs if you start noticing...

  1. Your home temperature isn't reaching what your thermostat is set to
  2. Your furnace is over 10 years old
  3. Your heating bills are unexpectedly high due to poor energy efficiency
From gas units to oil burners, we can address your furnace and get it running smoothly again. Contact us today for a free estimate on furnace repairs and installations.